Director duo Akhil Paul and Anas Khan presents a whodunit, with a good show from its hero Tovino Thomas but sadly the script has far too many loopholes.

After some flashback scenes, the story starts moving when a young girl who has been kidnapped from a dance school is found murdered near a playground. The police entrusts the investigation charge to Rithika Xavier IPS (Mamta Mohandas). 

Joining her team is Samuel John Kaattoorkkaran (Tovino Thomas) ), a forensic expert and Shikha (Reba Monica John). There is an initial awkwardness as Rithika was once married to Samuel’s elder brother. 

There are some parallel tracks and red herrings meant to confuse the viewers, some of which are not relevant to the story. As more children go missing and are found dead later, the investigating team feels some pressure to nab the culprit. They succeed in making some crucial breakthroughs soon in identifying the criminal who is behind the serial murders. 

But even as the cops are way too eager to frame someone and close the case, Samuel is left with some doubts on whether there is more to the case than what has been already found. 

Though the writing is shaky, the directors have tried to package this one with an ever-dependable Tovino. There are some surprises here and there  but the motive behind the serial killer is unconvincing and confusing. In the end, police is made to look like idiots while a forensic expert solves the mystery. The camera and the music are good. 

In a role where his character has to use his smartness and charm more than brawn of a conventional hero, Tovino shines. Mamta Mohandas is fine while Saiju Kurup’ and Reba Monica John has limited roles to play. 

Forensic may not be perfect but can qualify as a decent thriller. There are some disturbing scenes and be ready for it, while going for this one.