Varane Avashyamund, directed by Anoop Sathyan, has been at the centre of a controversy in Tamil Nadu after the movie recently came out on OTT platforms.

There is a joke in Varane Avashyamund where a character calls a dog Prabhakaraa… which in fact is a common meme in Kerala, after a dialogue involving a character from the yesteryear Malayalam movie Pattanapravesham. 

But there has been an attack in the social media initiated by those who didn’t connect to the actual fact and misunderstood the dialogue.

Dulquer Salmaan, who is the producer of Varane Avashyamund, explains: “A lot of people have brought to my notice that the Prabhakaran joke in Varane Avashyamund is insulting to the Tamizh people. It was not intentional. The joke is a reference to an older Malayalam film Pattana Pravesham and is a common Meme in Kerala. It is a common name in Kerala as well so it wasn’t directed at any person living or dead as our disclaimer mentions in the beginning of the film. Most people reacting are doing so without watching the film and are trying to spread hate.”He apologized to all those who got offended by the joke: “ I apologise to all of the good and kind tamizh people who felt offended. I have never intended to offend anyone through my films or my words. It’s genuinely a misunderstanding.”