Director Tharun Moorthy’s Operation Java is essentially a closer look into the functioning of a cyber cell team under Kerala Police department, during a period when two struggling engineering graduates work for them as trainees.Antony (Balu Varghese) and Vinayadasan (Lukman Avaran) are doing small part time jobs, despite completing their engineering course.

But their lives take a different tirn when they help the cyber cell in finding the real culprits behind the Premam piracy issue.The cyber cell team is presented in a realistic way. After they are sure that Antony and Vinayadasan can help them solve cases, the duo are appointed as temporary trainees. The youngsters help the team with crucial information that become crucial in nabbing some miscreants.In a way like what was seen in Action Hero Biju, the movie narrates a few incidents with the lives of the trainees happening in between all the action.

But one gets the feeling that the script could have explored more by giving some details about at least a few of the characters and by adding more smartness in the investigation process.Having said that, though one gets the feeling that this one could have been in an altogether different level with better writing and lesser length, the movie manages to keep the viewer entertained all along. The visuals and the music suit the mood.

Both Balu Varghese and Lukman Avaran are impressive and conveys the pressure that they are going through as jobless but talented youngsters, quite convincingly. The cyber cell team scores, especially Irshad, Binu Pappu and Prasanth Alexander. Vinayakan, who is there in a special appearance, is brilliant. Shine Tom Chacko, who comes as a cop, is also good.Operation Java may be far from perfect but is an honest attempt for sure. Try this one!